Quality, Environment and health and Safety Policy


FONCASERVI provides general auxiliary services: concierge, reception, telephone operators, ordinances and facility supervision, being aware of the impact of our activities and services on the customer and society, that is why we take responsibility for wanting to contribute positively and sustainably to preserve the environment in all its areas.

While ensuring the viability of the company we are committed to achieve our activities so that risks are minimized, for people, goods and environment, putting great efforts every day in complying with this Quality, Environment and Safety and Health Policy.

We are sure that nowadays facing the social challenges is a competitive chance that will lead us to greater long-term profitability. For that:

  • We are committed to complying with both the current regulations on quality, environment, safety and health, as well as any requirements applicable to our activity.
  • We develop and maintain an integrated management system (SIG) that is structured and documented and assures the continuous improvement in all our activities and prevents possible damage in our staff’s health.
  • We plan objectives and goals that are reviewed periodically to favour orientation to continuous improvement, eliminate dangers, reduce risks and enhance opportunities.
  • The information about our integrated policy and significant environmental aspects is available for the relevant interested people that apply for it.
  • We have the purpose of satisfying our customers’ needs making an effort to maintain excellence in our services.
  • We believe in our employees’ competences as the best way of preventing accidents, assuring this way their personal development.
  • We take the commitment to the consultation and participation of workers. For that, we create a culture of service efficiency, environmental awareness andprevention of accidents.
  • Environmental aspects and impacts are identified to evaluate the impact of our services in the area so as to protect it.
  • We take the commitment to the prevention of pollution, energetic saving and the responsible and sustainable consumption of resources and energy as well as the correct management of rubbish, in our headquarters as well as in the facilities where the service is being provided.
  • We guarantee a convenient coordination of business activities integrating and involving suppliers, subcontractors and stakeholders in compliance with rules, environmental and preventive standards.

In Huelva, 24 th of February of 2020.
Signed by Francisco Fonseca Morón

FORT SECURITY SPAIN is a Security company approved by the General Directorate of Security Companies with number 3936 dedicated to the Surveillance and Protection of Assets, establishments, places and events, both public and private, as well as the people who could be there. The accompaniment, defense and protection of natural people, including those with legal status of authority including those with legal status as an authority.

We support our customers through a wide range of services: electronic security systems, physical security and patrol vehicles, realization of security plans, access plans, comprehensive security, dynamic surveillance, video area surveillance with drones. In Fort Security Spain we have all the equipment, technologies and qualified staff to make your safety no longer a problem.

It is a commitment of the management, and we extend it to all our employees and collaborators, the fulfilment of the principles set out in this policy, being a tool of support for the strategic direction and the fulfillment of the objectives. We adopt as a guide to compliance and improvement the requirements of standards ISO 9001 – ISO 14001 – ISO 45001, so as to assure:
- Quality in the service.
- Stakeholder satisfaction.
- Efficient usage of the resources.
- Pro activity in the protection of the environment.
- Comprehensive risk management and administration.
- Preserve our customers’ trust and security.
- Permanent and constant improvement in every process.
- Fulfilment of the legal requirements and other requirements that the company acquire.
- Omission of dangers and reduction of the risks for security and health.
- Suitable coordination of the activities that attend working centres.
- Staff development and the quality of the working life.
- Assure the workers’ consultation and participation.
- The sustainability of the activity.
- Continuous pursuit of business excellence and business continuity.

All this is structured through an Integrated Quality Management System, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety, to which we provide of the necessary resources and in which we make our staff participate.

In Mairena del Aljarafe, 24 th of February of 2020.
Signed: Francisco Fonseca Morón.

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